A lone fismerman in the La Manga
Lagoon in Murcia, Spain.
The lagoon is so shallow he
is actually standing there.

Midsummer Festival (Juhannus)
bonfire at lake Mykrä
in Puumala, Finland.

Evening sun just outside
Hamina in the Finnish Gulf.

Sunset at lake Mykrä in
Puumala, Finland.

Sunset at the most eastern tip
of the La Manga lagoon,
Murcia, Spain.



Some pics from my other site:



Dramatic light over
Edinburgh, Scotland.

When I lived on
Buckingham Street, Brighton,
I could climb onto the second floor
bathroom roof from
the landing window just above it.
One year it snowed heavily so we build
this snow lantern on the roof.

The courtyard and an alleyway at a
block of flats in Vienna, Austria.

Sunset at the South Downs near
Brighton, East Sussex.

An old window in Kefalos Old Town,
on the island of Kos, Greece.

This is such a typical Greek "postcard"
I just had to shoot it!
It's in Kefalos Old Town, Kos.

An old fishing boat on the
beach in Kefalos, Kos.

This is part of a still life series I did for
a photo course in the
Univeristy Of Brighton.


ALONG THE WAY 1984-2006

This is a band called Whistle Bait
from Hamina, Finland.
I did some publicity photos
for them in the mid 80's.

This is a doorway on a
very windy day in
Windsor Street,
Brighton, East Sussex.

I photographed this old lady in the
Algarve, Portugal. We communicated
with nods and smiles as she didn't speak any
English and I don't speak Portugese:
she was very happy to be in the photo though.

This shot was a happy "accident" of sorts:
I was taking a photo of the pillars in Russell Mews
in Brighton, East Sussex, when this lady
with a suitcase just happened to walk into
the shot. It looks like it's been staged
but it was pure coincidence.

This is the corner of Sillwood Street and
Sillwood Road in Brighton, East Sussex.

This is a very cold New Years Day eve
Helsinki, Finland, early 80's.

This is a shot from the balcony of my
hotel room where I once stayed
in Earls Court, London.

This is a close-up shot
of a wooden bench in a rowing
boat in Lewes, East Sussex.

This is one of the doors of
The Royal Pavillion
in Brighton, East Sussex.

This statue is in a doorway
on the seafront in Hove, East Sussex.
It's looks huge
but it's only
about 2 feet tall!

This is a building in Alvor,
Algarve, Portugal.
"Vende-Se" means "For Sale".

This is the courtyard of
a block of flats where I once
stayed in Vienna, Austria.

This is a door in
Cartagena in Murcia, Spain.
12 is my lucky number.

This is a part of garden wall
on the seafront
in Hove, East Sussex.