A pair of month-old Sumatran tiger twins
have become inseparable playmates with
a set of young
orangutans, an unthinkable
match in their natural jungle habitat in
Indonesia's tropical rainforests.

The friendship between 5-month-old female
baby primates Nia and Irma, and cubs
Dema and Manis, has blossomed at the

Taman Safari zoo where they
share a room in the nursery.

After being abandoned by their mothers shortly
after birth, the four play fight, nipping and teasing
each other, and cuddling up for a shared nap when
they are worn out.
"This is unusual and would never
happen in the wild," said zoo keeper Sri Suwarni
(below) "Like human babies,
they only want to play."

The four have lived side-by-side for a month
without a single act of hostility, she said.

But the friendship is not destined to last as
tigers start eating meat when they are
three months old and will need to be
separated from their new playmates.

Indonesian tigers and orangutans are both
endangered species, threatened by rapidly shrinking
Conservationists estimate there are fewer
than 700 Sumatran tigers still alive, while
fewer than 60,000 orangutans remain in the
wild. Around 90 percent of the jungle has
been destroyed by illegal logging, poaching
and cut-and-burn farming practices
Borneo and Sumatra islands.


This is a bit worrying...

One in 10 eight-year-olds do not realise
pork chops come from pigs - and
some even believe cows lay eggs.

A new survey also reveals nearly two out
of 10 children had no idea where
yoghurt came from.

And eight per cent of city youngsters did
not realise beefburgers came from cows -
compared to 3% who live in the country.

Two per cent of urban kids thought cows
produced eggs. But all children
knew milk came from cows.

The Dairy Farmers of Britain asked more
than 1,000 children aged eight to 15 where
they thought eggs, cheese, yoghurt, bacon,
pork chops and beefburgers came from.

A spokesman said: "A significant proportion,
particularly those living in the city, are
unaware of the process involved
in making their food."

NETS £44 000

A Reliant Regal three-wheeler used in
Only Fools And Horses has sold
for more than £44,000.

The battered van, emblazoned with the
sign Trotters Independent Trading Co,
went for £44,227 - more than
double its estimate.

The 1972 model, the second made for the
show starring
David Jason as Del Boy,
was used from series six onwards.

Created by John Sullivan, seven
Only Fools and Horses series were
broadcast between 1981 and 1991,
with sporadic Christmas
specials until 2003.



The lake of Weissensee in southern Austria
hosted an unusual sporting event this weekend,
with divers taking part in the first-ever
ice-hockey world championship -
underwater ice-hockey, that is.

Eight international teams from Austria,
the Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, the
Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia
competed under 30 Cm (12 inches) of ice in
2-degree Celsius (35 degrees Fahrenheit)
water and without oxygen tanks.

The players in wetsuits, masks and flippers chased
a styrofoam puck around a "rink" six metres wide
and eight metres long, having to resurface
every 30 seconds for air.

Each game was made up of three periods,
according to ice hockey rules, but playing time
was reduced to 10 minutes from the usual
20 and a 10-minute break was
afforded between periods.

"The event was a huge success, 611 television
stations from around the world will be showing
it," co-organiser Hannes Thomasberger said,
adding that it would be held again during
the next three years.

In the final Sunday, Finland defeated Austria
to finish first and Slovakia came third.



I was just flicking through music channels
and saw one of the best videos of recent times.
So simple, yet so clever.

If you haven't seen
"Here It Goes Again" by
OK Go,
check it out HERE. Brilliant!



Nimble fingered? Then head here here
for the Annual Spaghetti Bridge Contest at
Okanagan College in Canada.


Finally! I've seen saying
this for years!

Wimbledon will pay women and men equal
prize money for the first time at this year's
grasscourt grand slam, All England Club
chairman Tim Phillips said today.

The tournament broke with its tradition to join
Australian and U.S. Opens in paying equal prize
money across the board in all events and in all stages
of competition.
"This year the committee decided
unanimously that the time was right to move
to equal prize money and bring to a close a
long progression," Phillips said.

Wimbledon, which dates back to 1877, went "open"
in 1968 but had been criticised since then for
maintaining a discrepancy in the prize money
offered to its male and female competitors.

Last year Roger Federer earned £655,000
for winning the men's title while women's
Amelie Mauresmo
took home £625,000.


Season Six of "24" is hotting up nicely so
here's some
Jack Bauer facts to remember:
(And yes, it was a great excuse to put as
many pics of the gorgeous
Kiefer here as possible!)

When Kim Bauer lost her virginity,
Jack Bauer found it and put it back.

They say you can't go a day without water,
Jack Bauer has gone six seasons.

Jack Bauer could get off the
Lost island in 24 hours.

Jack Bauer has been to Mars.
Thats why there's no life on Mars.

Lets get one thing straight, the only reason you
are conscious right now is because Jack Bauer
does not feel like carrying you.

Jack Bauer played Russian Roulette
with a fully loaded gun and won.

Jack Bauer once won a game
of Connect 4 in 3 moves.

Jack Bauer was never addicted to heroin.
Heroin was addicted to Jack Bauer.

Jack Bauer sleeps with a
pillow under his gun.

It's no use crying over spilt milk...
Unless that was Jack Bauer's milk.
Oh you are so screwed.

Jack Bauer is the leading cause
of death in Middle Eastern men.

Jack doesn't believe in Murphy's Law,
only Bauer's Law: "Whatever CAN go wrong,
WILL be resolved in a period of 24 hours."

If Rosa Parks was in Jack Bauer's seat,
she'd move to the back of the bus.

Killing Jack Bauer doesn't make him dead.
It just makes him angry.

In order to control illegal immigration
in the United States, the president installed
cardboard cutouts of Jack Bauer
along the US/Mexico border.

Jack Bauer doesn't miss. If he didn't hit you
it's because he was shooting at another
terrorist twelve miles away.

Jack Bauer could strangle
you with a cordless phone.

Jack Bauer doesn't speak any foreign
languages, but he can make any foreigner
speak English in a matter of minutes.

Jack Bauer wasn't born, he was unleashed.

In 96 hours, Jack Bauer has killed 93 people
and saved the world 4 times. What the
fuck have you done with your life?

There is the right way, the wrong way, and
the Jack Bauer way. It's basically the right
way but faster and more deaths.

When someone asks him how his day
is going, Jack replies, "Previously, on 24..."

Kim Bauer was an accident.
Not even the pill can stop Jack Bauer.

Jack Bauer doesn't take fingerprints,
he takes fingers.

Jack Bauer's favorite color
is severe terror alert red.

When Google can't find something,
it asks Jack Bauer for help.

Jack Bauer killed 93 people in just
4 days time. Wait, that is a real fact.

Every mathematical inequality
officially ends with "

In Iraq, the U.S. military recently concluded
a military offensive utilizing 200 armored ground
vehicles and 50 weaponized helicopters in an
intense search for terrorists called "OPERATION
SWARMER" or, as Jack Bauer
calls it, "casual Friday."

Jack Bauer teaches a course at Harvard entitled:
"Time Management: Making the
Most Out Of Each Day."

Don't ever ask Jack Bauer what is going on.
He'll explain in the car.

When you open a can of whoop-ass,
Jack Bauer jumps out.

When Jack Bauer goes to the airport and
the metal detector doesn't go off,
security gives him a gun.

Jack Bauer once killed so many terrorists that
at one point, the #5 CIA Most Wanted fugitive
was an 18-year-old teenager in Malaysia
who downloaded the movie Dodgeball.

Jesus died and rose from the dead in 3 days.
It took Jack Bauer less than an hour.
And he's done it twice.

There are no such thing as lesbians,
just women who never met Jack Bauer.

Men are OK with their wives fantasizing
about Jack Bauer during sex... because
they are doing the same thing.

"Jack Bauer" is Arabic for
"I'm fucked".

There are three leading causes of death among
terrorists. They are all Jack Bauer.

Jack Bauer can get McDonald's
breakfast after 10:30.

When the boogie man goes to sleep,
he checks his closet for Jack Bauer.

When Jack Bauer was a child, he made
his mother finish his vegetables.

People with amnesia still
remember Jack Bauer.

When Jack Bauer pissses into the
wind, the wind changes direction.

Guns dont kill people,
Jack Bauer kills people.

When Batman is in trouble, he
turns on the Jack Bauer signal.

During the commercials, Jack Bauer
calls the CSI detectives and
solves their crimes.

Jack Bauer is
the 'i' in team.

You can lead a horse to water.
Jack Bauer can make him drink.

Jack Bauer can leave a
message before the beep.

Jack Bauer once tortured and killed a
man using only shadow puppets.

G.I. Joe has Jack Bauer
action figures.




I was watching VHI "80's at 8"
last night and
Kim Carnes'
Bette Davis Eyes came on.

The video doesn't pop up that
often so I'd forgotten what a
great song it is!

I love her 1982 Voyeur album, it was one of
the very first all synth records, when
the keyboard first came out everybody was
experimenting with them, going mad
with all sorts of electronic wizardry!



I can fully understand why
Britney shaved her head.

People are saying she is having a nervous
breakdown and christ knows what else,
going off the rails etc. But what about if
she simply thought "Sod it!".

Having done that many times myself I understand
she might've just had enough of her hair.
I've had many a bad hair day and
clippered it all off (see pic).

It's just easier sometimes!

Interesting BBC article about
women and shaved heads



Old Age Enhanced Attention
Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

A friend fo mine sent this, made me chuckle
because I do stuff like this every day!

I decide to wash my car. Going towards the garage
I notice the post on the hall table. I decide to look
through it. I put the car keys on the table. I throw
the junk mail into the bin under the table.
I notice it’s full so I decide to empty it.

I then notice a pile of invitations on the
table that need posting and I think well since I’m
emptying this bin I might as well take the invitations
with me since the outside bin is near the post box.

So I decide to put stamps on the invitations.
I notice there is only one stamp left in
the booklet in the table hall drawer.

I’ve got more stamps in the drawer in the table
in the study. I decide to go to get them but when
I get there I notice a half drank can of Coke on
the table. While I’m searching for the stamps
I decide to move the can out of the way but
when I touch it I realise it’s gone a bit warm
so I decide to take it to the fridge.

On the way to the fridge I notice a plant that needs
watering urgently. I put the can of Coke down
on the windowsill and spot my reading glasses
which I’ve been looking for all morning. I think
I’ll better put the glasses onto the table in
the study as soon as I’ve watered the plant

I put the glasses back onto the windowsill and
go to fill the watering can but I notice the
TV remote on the kitchen table. I realise I’m
going to need that tonight so I decide to take
that into the lounge as I won’t remember it is
in the kitchen. I decide to take that there as
soon as I’ve watered the plant.

I’m watering the plant but manage to spill
most of the water so I put the TV remote back
on to the kitchen table and go and fetch some
towels so dry the water. On the way to the
linen cupboard I’m trying to remember
what it is that I’m actually doing.

At the end of the day the car is not washed,
the invitations haven’t been posted, the bin
hasn’t been emptied, the warm Coke is still on
the windowsill, the plant hasn’t been watered,
there is still only one stamp, I can’t find the
TV remote or my glasses and I can’t remember
where I’ve put the car keys.

If you don’t recognise yourself in this yet,
don’t worry: that day will be here
quicker than you think!

Getting old is compulsory.

Growing up is voluntary.

Laughing at yourself
is therapeutic.


Among the thousands of people frantically
flapping in the snow Saturday in an
attempt to set the record for the most
snow angels ever made were parents,
children, even snowplow drivers.

And then there was Pauline Jaeger - who
on her 99th birthday, was making her very
first angel.
"It's fun," Jaeger said.
"I feel just like a kid."

More than 8,900 people got together
on the state
Capitol grounds Saturday
Bismarck, North Dakota in an attempt
to reclaim the record, which was snatched
away about a year ago in
Michigan .

The Guinness Book of Records must confirm
the number. The snow angel category was
created in 2002 when 1,791 people made
snow angels on the same grounds.

Marilyn Snyder, curator of education for
State Historical Society of North Dakota,
said 8,910 people registered for Saturday's attempt
to break the record of 3,784 snow angels set
by students at
Michigan Technological
University in Houghton.

"That's more than 5,000 more people than
what Michigan had," Snyder said.
"It's going to be tough to top."



Colleen Derry says: "This is the view from
my kitchen window looking over the

Columbia River in Washougal,
Washington, USA. It makes doing
the dishes almost enjoyable."


Oh bless him!

An ugly duckling has made waves on a
farm - when he was born with four legs.

A rare mutation has left eight-day-old Stumpy with
two extra legs behind the two he moves around on.

Owner Nicky Janaway, of Warrawee Duck Farm
in the
New Forest, Hampshire, said she was
gobsmacked when she turned Stumpy
over to check his sex.

"It was absolutely bizarre. I was thinking 'he's
got too many legs' and I kept counting:
One, two, three, four,'" she said.
Janaway said the animal would
not survive in the wild.

"He's eating and surviving so far and he is
running about with those extra legs acting like
stabilisers," she said.
"He's had so much attention he
is having a power nap at the moment because he's
exhausted but we will making sure he's OK
and hopefully he will carry on and survive."

The mutation is rare but cases have
been recorded across the world.


The finding of a parrot with an almost
unparalleled power to communicate with
people has brought scientists up short.

The bird, a captive 4.5 year old African grey
called N'kisi, has a vocabulary of 950 words,
and shows signs of a sense of humour.

He invents his own words and phrases
if he is confronted with novel ideas with
which his existing repertoire cannot cope
- just as a human child would do.

N'kisi is believed to be one of the most
advanced users of human language in the
animal world.
About 100 words are needed for
half of all reading in English, so if N'kisi
could read he would be able to cope
with a wide range of material.

He uses words in context, with past, present
and future tenses, and is often inventive.

One N'kisi-ism was "flied" for "flew",
and another "pretty smell medicine" to
describe the aromatherapy oils used by
his owner, an artist based in New York.

When he first met Dr Jane Goodall, the renowned
chimpanzee expert, after seeing her in a picture
with apes, N'kisi said: "Got a chimp?"
He appears to
fancy himself as a humourist. When another parrot
hung upside down from its perch, he commented:
"You got to put this bird on the camera."

Dr Goodall says N'kisi's verbal fireworks
are an "outstanding example of interspecies
In an experiment, the bird and
his owner were put in separate rooms and filmed
as the artist opened random envelopes
containing picture cards.

Analysis showed the parrot had used
appropriate keywords three times more
often than would be likely by chance.
This was
despite the researchers discounting responses like
"What ya doing on the phone?" when N'kisi saw a card
of a man with a telephone, and "Can I give you
a hug?" with one of a couple embracing.

Professor Donald Broom, of the University of
Cambridge's School of Veterinary Medicine, said:
"The more we look at the cognitive abilities of animals,
the more advanced they appear, and the biggest
leap of all has been with parrots."

Alison Hales, of the World Parrot Trust, said: "N'kisi's
amazing vocabulary and sense of humour should make
everyone who has a pet parrot consider whether
they are meeting its needs.
"They may not be able
to ask directly, but parrots are long-lived, and
a bit of research now could mean an
improved quality of life for years."



I have just watched the third
episode of ITV1's new "comedy"

I watched the first one and thought...
it's a bit so-so but let's give it a go.

Watched the second one and thought...
no, not getting better and found myself
watching the third one tonight
just because it is so BAD!

Having endured the other ITV fiasco

"Losing Gemma" just before Xmas I thought it
can't get any worse - but it has. "Benidorm" has
got to officially be the WORST show ever.

And what on earth was
Steve Pemberton
(below with his "family") thinking
when he signed up for this load of old...

He is so talented, The League Of Gentlemen
is one of the best shows ever so something
like "Benidorm" is a huge step down for him.
Or who knows, maybe he just wanted a freebie
holiday in the sun and an acting job where
he didn't have to use his talent or his brains.

Talking of TV series set in sunnier climes I really
liked what many regard as a huge mistake,
Eldorado (below) in the early 90's.
If they'd only given it a bit longer
it could've turned into an another

Eastenders quite easily.

One series which I do like made a welcome return
tonight, BBC's
Hotel Babylon. Well acted, good
storylines and it's
sufficiently funny. Plus
I've always had a bit of soft spot
Dexter Fletcher (below).


I'm slightly addicted to weather forecasts,
I tend to watch them about 3-4 times a day
just in case something changes...
sad, I know!

Out of all the forecasters my favourite
has to be BBC's
Daniel Corbett.

He is always so enthusiastic with big sweeping
hand movements no matter how dull the weather
plus he uses funny
phrases to make it interesting.

He is a joy
to watch. According to Wikipedia he
has a bit of cult following due to his personalised
style including his trademark 'point-and-nod'
sign-off: "That's the weather for now".

Go Dan!


Who says cats and dogs
don't get along?

Workers at the
Meriden Humane Society
Connecticut are marveling at a
short-haired mother cat that has adopted
a 6-day-old Rottweiler puppy which
was rejected by its mother.

The tiny pup, named Charlie by Humane Society
volunteers, nurses alongside a jumble of black
and gray kittens recently born to Satin,
who was taken to the shelter by
an owner unable to care for her.

Charlie's mother was found by the side of the
road in Meriden a couple of months ago. She
gave birth to two puppies, but one was stillborn.
As sometimes happens with a stillborn in the
litter, the mother refused to accept Charlie.

Volunteers bottle-fed him every two hours,
but the effort was exhausting for them and
insufficient for the puppy, volunteer
Chris Chorney said.

Research indicated that a suitable substitute
could be Satin, who had given birth to four kittens
that have quickly warmed to Charlie.
"The kittens
scrum up with him and the kittens treat him like
one of their own," Chorney said. "There's a
certain social benefit of small animals
being with each other."

Such relationships are not all that unusual
in certain circumstances, said Deirdre
Chiaramonte, a veterinarian at the
Medical Center, a specialty teaching hospital
in New York.
The cozy arrangement between
Charlie, Satin and the kittens will likely
changes as the pup grows. Full-grown male
Rottweilers commonly
weigh 100 pounds.

Carers are hoping that dog owners will volunteer
their puppies to be Charlie's playmates.

"Dogs need to be with a litter of puppies,
to learn to play with other dogs,"
Chorney said. "He has to learn to
be a well-socialized dog."



Tonight man-of-the-moment
Russel Brand take the reins
and presents this years UK
music industry Oscars,
the Brit Awards.

I never used to like him but having seen a
couple of his stand up shows he
is actually very funny.

Let's hope tonight's show goes better than
some of the previous
years. I remember
watching the 1989 show presented by

Sam Fox and Mick Fleetwood in all it's
cringeworthy gloriousness, cock-up
after cock-up!

Oh the joy of live television...


When Shakespeare wrote that the face
of Cleopatra , the ancient queen of Egypt,
"beggar'd all description", he meant that
words could not sum up her beauty.

But a coin dating from 32BC and put on
display in at
Newcastle University shows
the phrase had an unintended double
meaning - it depicts the queen as not a
great looker with a pointed chin,
thin lips and sharp nose.

Her lover, Mark Antony, fares little better
on the coin's flipside - the Roman general is
shown with a hook nose, bulging
eyes and a thick neck.

The portraits are a long way from the famously
sultry depiction of the couple by
Burton and Elizabeth Taylor in the 1963

Cleopatra, who also had an affair with
legendary Roman emperor
Julius Caesar,
also inspired Shakespeare to write one of
his most famous lines: "Age cannot wither
her, nor custom stale/Her infinite variety".

But Lindsay Allason-Jones, the university's
director of archaeological museums, said
that the image of her as a great beauty is
comparatively modern, dating back to
medieval English poet
Geoffrey Chaucer.

"Roman writers tell us that Cleopatra was
intelligent and charismatic and that she
had a seductive voice, but, tellingly, they
do not mention her beauty," she said.

"It's one of those perpetual myths that has
been perpetuated by having people like
Elizabeth Taylor playing her and
it's very difficult to get that out
of peoples' psyches.

"She does look as if she's forgotten to put her
teeth in."
The coin itself represents one
three hundredth of a Roman soldier's
salary and was probably minted to pay
the wages of those stationed in Egypt.


Glasgow Rangers players turned up for a
flight to Israel - to find their pilot was
heavy metal star
Bruce Dickinson.

Rangers manager Walter Smith and his
players arrived at Glasgow airport to
discover the Iron Maiden singer
was flying them to Tel Aviv.

Dickinson, a qualified pilot, indulges his passion
working for independent airline
When he discovered the company had been
hired by Rangers for the match against
Hapoel Tel Aviv, he volunteered.

Dickinson has had an interest in Rangers since
Terry Butcher, one of Iron Maiden's biggest fans,
played for the club 20 years ago.
Dickinson said:
"When I heard that we were taking Rangers out
to Israel, I said, 'I'm having that one'."



I put The Best Of Talk Talk on the stereo
for the first time in ages today...

I forgot how good they were!
Pure 80's joy.

Favourite tracks? "It's My Life",
"Dum Dum Girl"
"Life's What You Make It".


Snowy the terrier knows all about
the hassle of airport security.

The brown-and-white pooch spent 11 days
in a sensitive outdoor area of Madrid's
international airport - one of Europe's busiest
air hubs - scurrying about with a dog's eye
view of landing planes.

He managed to dodge security personnel
until he was finally captured Sunday,
after authorities called in dogcatchers.

The Jack Russell terrier became lost at the airport
on January 31 after arriving on an
cargo plane from Britain. His owners were
traveling on a separate plane to vacation in
Spain, Jaime Perez Guerra, a spokesman
for Iberia airlines said.

Snowy had been spending his time in the
part of the airport where planes fly over at
very low altitude as they approach the
landing strip. That made it hard
to security people to capture him.

There was also the risk of spooking Snowy
and causing him to dash onto a runway, Perez
Guerra said.
In the end, airport officials called
in staff from
El Refugio, an animal rights
organization, who nabbed him.
"I don't know
if it is the technology they have or simply lots
of practice," Perez Guerra said.



This cracked me up!

Jihad My Ride


I'm a great fan of maps and as silly as it
may sound I could spend hours studing
them. I've got photographic memory so for
instance when I go on holiday I tend to
memorize the map of the place. I'll still
take a map with me, just means
I don't have to refer to it all the time.

I saw this on the news at the weekend,
exhibition at the British Library.

Will have to go and check it out, it
will be heaven for a map nut like me!

And if you can't make there's also
an on-line
virtual exhibition.



I finally got round to doing the Birthday
Calculator which Karelian Blonde
had in her blog on Thursday.

Turns out my Life Path number is 7 and the
description of the sort of person you're meant
to be when you're a seven...well it's quite spookily
accurate! I do
Tarot seriously almost on
a daily basis but have never really studied
Numerology but it seems to be spot on:

The Life Path 7

Here's a few choice comments
that describe me 100%:

The Life Path 7 suggests that you entered
this plane with a gift for investigation,
analysis, and keen observation.

You aren't one to have a wide circle of friends,
but once you accept someone as a friend,
it's for life. It's as if you must get to know
someone a lot better before you allow the
wall surrounding you to be penetrated.

You probably aren't a very social person.
Clubs and organizations hold little interest
for you; you are not a joiner.

You actually like being alone and away from
the hustle and bustle of modern life.You need
a good deal of quiet time to be with your own
inner thoughts and dreams. You dislike crowds,
noise, distractions, and confusion.

Adaptability is not your style,
and change for you is a rarity.

You rely heavily on your experiences and
your intuition, rather than accepting advice
from someone. Your hunches usually prove
to be very accurate, and knowing this, you
follow the directions they seem to guide.

In the most negative use of the 7 energies, you
can become very pessimistic, lackadaisical,
quarrelsome, and secretive.