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A dog at a southeast Kansas zoo has
adopted three tiger cubs abandoned
by their mother.

Safari Zoological Park owner Tom
Harvey said the tiger cubs were born
Sunday, but the mother had
problems with them.

Mr Harvey said the cubs were wandering
around, trying to find their birth mother,
who wouldn't pay attention to them
so the cubs were put in the care
of Isabella, a golden retriever.

He said it's unusual for dogs to care
for tiger cubs, but it does happen.

Puppies take about the same amount
of time as tiger cubs to develop and the
adoptive mother just recently
weaned her own puppies.

"The timing couldn't have been any better,"
he said.
Apparently Isabella doesn't
know the difference, she licks,
cleans and feeds the cubs.


I've always found the presence of
cats and dogs very calming so
I'm not surprised to read

this story at all.

A Birmingham care home Neville Williams
House has set up an on-site Pet Farm
which opens officially on Thursday.

The residents have pigs, chickens, rabbits
and guinea pigs to visit whenever they
The small farm in the garden was
paid for by £15,000 in donations.

Ann Rainsford, manager of the Selly Park
care home said the scheme was a success.

"It's made a lovely atmosphere
within the home, with the staff
and everybody," she said.

The home has 50 elderly residents
and about half have some form
of dementia, she said.

They can feed, handle and stroke the
animals, which in therapeutic terms is
known as Animal-Assisted Activities.

The farm adds to a range of activities at
the home, including musical bingo and
pub lunches.
The home is among those
run by the charity
Broadening Choices
for Older People (BCOP).


$36 000 FOR

A pair of 100-year-old Levi's jeans
that lay undiscovered in Mojave
Desert in a goldmine have
been sold on eBay.

The trousers are covered in wax drops from
a candle carried by their original owner
to light the mine but are generally in
“excellent condition”, the seller
claims. They have not been
authenticated by Levi’s.

The vintage blue jeans are size 34 waist
and 33 leg, according to the attached
"Levi Strauss & Co" label.

They were found next to a paper
bag bearing the name of a local shop
frequented by miners which
stopped trading in 1898.

Levi Strauss, a German-born clothing
manufacturer established the firm in
San Francisco in 1853. His jeans were
tremendously popular with the miners
because their tough fabric did
not split or wear as easily
as other materials.

Gold mining blossomed in the Rand area -
which contains the towns of Randsburg,
Johannesburg and Red Mountain
- in the mid 1890s, and continues to
this day. Silver and tungsten were
also discovered in the area in
the early 20th century.

In the end there were 64 bids,
with the winner having to fork out
a whopping $36099 (£18200)


The way bumblebees search for
food could help detectives
hunt down serial killers.

Just as bees forage some distance away
from their hives, murderers avoid killing
near their homes, says a team from

The Queen Mary University of London
team who's work
is reported in
the Royal Society journal Interface.

This "geographic profiling" works so
well in bees, the scientists say future
experiments on the animals could
be used to improve crime-solving.

"We're really hopeful that we can improve
the model for criminology," Dr Nigel Raine
says. He works with colleagues Steve Le
Comber and Kim Rossmo, a former
detective in the US. They tag bees with
tiny coloured numbers and follow them
from their nests to flower patches.

The analysis describes how bees create
a "buffer zone" around their hive where
they will not forage, to reduce the risk
of predators and parasites locating the
nest. This pattern of behaviour is similar
to the geographic profile of criminals
stalking their victims.



Check out these funny noses in one
of my all time favourite sites

Cute Overload.


"Alright, alright, calm down..."



Staff at West Midland Safari Park in
Worcestershire have their hands
full following the birth of
White Lion cubs.

The cubs, born to two different mothers,
made their public debut yesterday.

The first two male cubs, named Star and
Haze were born on 6th April 2008 to
mother Natasha and just as staff were
getting used to caring and monitoring
them daily, another four cubs were
born on 2nd May 2008
to mother Maryn.

The cubs - three male and one female -
have been named Neptune,
Ariel, Oberon and Ophelia.

Since introducing four White Lions to their
collection in 2004, West Midland Safari Park
now have 19 which is thought to be
the largest pride of pure bred
White Lions in captivity
in the world.

White lions are extremely rare and
shrouded in mystery. Legend has it that
once every hundred years, magical
White Lions will be born bringing
joy to all that witness them.

West Midland Safari Park opened in 1973
and is home to more than 600 exotic
animals in the 100-acre all-weather
safari drive through.


A tiny tree-shrew that lives on alcoholic
nectar could - pound for pound - drink
the average human under the table,
scientists have discovered.

Malaysia's pen-tailed tree-shrew waits
until nightfall to binge on fermented
nectar from the bertam palm.

The animal could give insights into how
humans' alcohol tolerance first evolved,
the scientists say.
The team has published
details of its work in the journal
of the National Academy of Sciences.

Despite the shrews' small size, they are
no lightweights when it comes to their
alcohol intake.
Nectar from the flower
buds of the bertam palm is fermented
to a maximum alcohol content
of up to 3.8%.

Each bud is a miniature brewery,
containing a yeast community that
turns the nectar into a frothy
beer-like beverage.

Yet the animals, which are about the size
of a small rat, do not seem to get
drunk at all, researchers say.


I've just added more photos to my new site



I've always been a fan of
by a chap called Eric.

So much so that I got inspaired to start
my own photo site of weird and wonderful
pictures of the real London. The sights,
surfaces, colours and textures
that the tourists do not see.

The site is called The Substance Of
London and I shall be adding photos
in there whenever I see something
interesting on my travels.


As the mercury was nearly at 30 C
earlier on I, in my great wisdom,
decided to mow the lawn.

Not a good idea. Trust me.

The words "heat" and "stroke" describe
my current state quite well...obviously
I haven't got proper heat stroke as I
wouldn't be sitting here typing but
my face looks like I've been
a in sauna for a week!


It's not often that I've won anything
in my life or been the best at anything...
but I'm still holding the All Time Most
Questions Created title in the
FaceBook "Friends Trivia"!

And that's "Friends" as in the
TV series not my friends.

I've had the top spot since the beginning
of the year. Just shows how many times
I've seen each episode...
I never thought I'd get bored
with it but..I did!



I've got one word to say about this...
no, actually, make it two:

There was a party in one of the houses
on our street last night, five - six doors
down and I woke up some time during
the early hours to the sound of bottles
being kicked about on the street but
didn't think anything of it. It's
the usual weekend drunkard
soundtrack round here...

We woke up this morning and not only
have they strewn our neighbours bins
all over the road but also sat on our
front garden fence...and broken it.

When we had the dogs, and kids sometimes
sat on the fence, I used to let them out and
that would be enough of a deterrent to
stop them from sitting on there.

But now, no dogs, and if I or any of us went
outside and said "Please don't sit on
the fence, it's not strong enough"
(which is never was) we would probably
get a brick through the window
or worse just for telling them off.

Even putting a sign on there "Please don't
sit here" would be like an invitation
for them to do it even more!

The way this country is nowadays to be quite
honest I'm just waiting for a letter from a
solicitor because the assholes who broke the
fence have sued us because they've
hurt themselves because it
wasn't strong enough!!!




At first glance, Cesare Bonizzi looks
like the archetypal Capuchin monk -
round-faced, stout, with twinkling
eyes and a long flowing white beard.
But beneath his robes beats
a heart of metal.

Brother Cesare is the lead singer in a
heavy metal band Fratello Metallo
("Brother Metal"), which has
just released its second album.

The 62 year old former missionary
in the Ivory Coast lives in a small
friary in the Milan hinterland.

His love affair with heavy metal began when
he went to a Metallica concert some 15
years ago.
"I was overwhelmed
and amazed by the sheer
energy of it", he says.

The members of his band were at first
sceptical at the idea of teaming up
with a Capuchin monk but their
doubts soon evaporated.

"Five minutes after meeting Brother Cesare
I decided to go ahead, because he conveys
so much energy that other musicians
and youngsters often don't manage to
express," lead guitarist,
Cesare Zanotti said.



ART 2008

Please click on the images
to view a larger version.



One of my oldest friends Roger
(we've known each other for 18 years)
popped up from Brighton on Saturday.

We (that's me, him and KB) had ambiguous
amounts of alcohol, a nice meal and even
managed to make a quest apperance in a
Bad Taste 40th birthday
in South Wimbledon.

Yesterday was spent (by me anyway)
groaning about the state of one's head.

I've also have developed a very painful
left shoulder for some reason...I must've
entered a javeling throwing competition
in my sleep as I can't recall doing
anything that would've damaged
it while I've been awake!

Normal services will resume ASAP
after I've rested it for a couple of days.



Ahoy! Captain Meow
coming about, and avast!



Well it's not like Sir Cliff needs a
few extra quid but this is good news
for lesser-known band members,
session musicians and producers.

Ageing rock stars and session musicians
will keep receiving royalties for their
old recordings for the rest of their
under a European Union plan.
Performers currently lose the rights
to their recordings after 50 years.

Veteran artists like Sir Cliff Richard,
The Who singer Roger Daltrey, Sir
Paul McCartney and U2 frontman
Bono are among those who have
campaigned for it to be extended.

The EU has now announced a scheme
for copyright on recordings to last for
95 years. EU governments and
the European Parliament
still need to give approval.

Under the current regime, the first
rock 'n' roll recordings will go out
of copyright in the coming years.

That means performers, producers and
record labels would no longer get paid
for sales or airplay, and the songs could
be released cheaply by any record label.

Sir Cliff's first hits will go out of copyright
on 1 January next year, while The
Beatles' catalogue will start to enter
the public domain in 2013.

But the EU plan is potentially more important
for the thousands of lesser-known band
members, session musicians and producers
who may be in greater need of an
income during their retirement.


Intesresting article on the BBC website
today about the possible demise
of the computer mouse.

It's nearly 40 years old but one leading
research company says the days of
the computer mouse are numbered.

Taking over in the next three to fives
years will be so called gestural
computer mechanisms like
touch screens and facial
recognition devices.

"The mouse works fine in the desktop
environment but for home entertainment
or working on a notebook it's over,"
analyst Steve Prentice said.

His prediction is driven by the efforts
of consumer electronics firms which
are making products with new
interactive interfaces inspired
by the world of gaming.



A silly dance that started in an office
block in Brisbane has taken the world by
storm via video sharing site YouTube.

Created by video game developer
Matthew Harding, a clip of his badly-
executed running man-style jig has
clocked up more than 10 million
hits on YouTube.

But it is the locations that Harding
chose for his performances, rather
than his lacklustre moves, that
have pulled in the crowds.

Harding, 31, who is sponsored by an American
chewing gum company, travelled the world
for the past 14 months visiting more
than 60 countries to create the
four and a half minute clip.


Royalty and dozens of other prominent
Balinese from
Ubud are cremated in
a rare and elaborate ceremony
for deceased royals on
the Indonesian island.


"The liquor on your breath!"
"...Coz I've been drinking, bitch."

I've just been to see Will Smith's

It was OK, a nice twist in the story, great
special effects, quite a few laughs
but it was lacking...something.

Maybe it will be better
the second time around.



This is possibly one of
the funniest adverts ever!

22 000 LITRES

One of London's most prized landmarks,
Tower Bridge, is to undergo a £4 million
four-year facelift funded by a group
of forward-thinking monks.

The restoration will see the bridge's
flaking paintwork stripped away and
replaced with 22,000 litres of
white and blue paint.

It will involve 44,000 man hours and be
undertaken in stages to avoid causing
too much disruption to the thousands of
cars, lorries and buses that rumble
over the bridge each day.

The restoration is the first in the bridge's
114-year history, apart from its change of
colour from chocolate brown to red,
white and blue in 1977 to celebrate
the Queen's Silver Jubilee.

Eric Sutherns, operations manager at
Tower Bridge, said scaffolding will go up
at the end of the month.
The aim is
to complete the project by the
London Olympics in 2012.

"If you give it a close inspection, you can
see it's getting pretty grubby," he said.
"The blue in particular is very faded."

But thanks to canny investment by a group
of medieval monks who collected tolls for
London's bridges, the taxpayer doesn't have
to invest in this particular project.

It will be paid for by the ancient City trust,
Bridge House Estates, which can trace its
roots back to 1097 when Londoners paid
a toll if they wanted to cross the original
London Bridge, the only bridge over the
Thames until Westminster Bridge
opened in 1750.

The trust is now worth £700 million and its
primary purpose is to maintain all five City
bridges - London, Tower, Southwark, Blackfriars
and the Millennium Bridge.
The trust will also
fund a £2.5 million, four-year restoration
project which will see Southwark Bridge
(above) returned to its original bright
colours of green and yellow.


A man has spent 15 years piecing together
2,000 fragments of love letters to his late
wife which she tore up when she
caught someone reading them.

Ted Howard, 82, wrote 98 letters to
Molly during the seven years he spent
travelling Europe as a farm worker.

When she found someone reading
them in 1953 she tore them up.

Mr Howard, of Ramsey in Cambridgeshire,
began putting the pieces back together
in 1993 and
has just completed the notes,
three years after his wife died.

He wrote the letters on hotel writing
paper as he travelled the UK, Ireland,
France and Holland in the late 1940s
and early 1950s. But his wife tore each
one into more than 20 pieces creating
more than 2,000 fragments, some
smaller than a thumbnail.

He started by separating corner and
centre pieces and progressed, putting
them together spending about
an hour every day over 15 years.

Mr Howard said: "I still miss Molly terribly but
having the memories helps me through.

"The letters brought back so many
good times." He now plans to write a
book based on the letters which
will be dedicated to his wife.

They met in July 1948, Molly was 18
at the time and Ted was 23. They
married in 1955 and went on to
have three children and
six grandchildren.

Ted wrote his autobiography

"Life on the Fen Edge",
which is due to
published by Bound Biographies,

before attempting to write the
book about the letters.