The first Google Maps alphabet, featuring
all 26 letters,
has been created from satellite
images of natural features and buildings
by Rhett Dashwood, a graphic
designer from Australia.

The 32 year old concentrated his task in the
Australian state of Victoria and took just six
months to find every letter. The time-
consuming challenge consisted of slowly
scanning Google Maps looking
for suitable letters.

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to view a larger version.

"I found them exactly as you think I might have," he
said. "Slowly moving from page to page over the
maps and visually scanning. I put some simple
restrictions on my project, like sticking to my
home state of Victoria and not manipulating
(rotating or Photoshopping) the
images in any way."

"There were no short cuts to finding them, but
I did sense patterns emerging the further
I searched which helped to guide how
long I spent looking in particular
areas," he says.

People have now begun emailing him letters
on Google Maps from all over the world.

While searching for letters, he came
across a perfect "250" (above) as well
on farmland near Heywood.

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