This is the story of Henry - a real-life cat burglar
with a peculiar taste in swag – socks.

The mischievous moggy has brought back
more than 50 socks to puzzled owner
Anne Brandon in the past three months.

She is desperate to find out who they belong
to, so she can return the plundered booty.

Anne, 67, a retired admin worker, of Charles
Loughborough, said: "It's getting really,
really embarrassing. I've got a huge bag full
of people's socks and I have no idea where
they are coming from. I've been round to
my neighbour's houses and asked if they're
missing anything from their washing
lines but no-one seems to know
what I'm talking about."

"One neighbour told me she sees Henry walking
along her wall with socks in his mouth all
the time, but where he gets them from is a
mystery. I just want people to contact
me so I can finally give them
their stuff back."

Henry's owner believes the socks are being
taken from neighbours' washing
lines or clothes baskets.

"He's a very friendly cat and everybody in
the area loves him. He's always going into
people's houses, so he's certainly not shy.
No-one has complained, but I'm just
desperate to return these socks."

To help Anne reunite the socks with their
owners, there's a
socks gallery on the local
paper's website. If you recognise them,
call Anne on 07951 788398.

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