First there was Evolution Of Dance I (which
incidentally is the most watched video on
YouTube ever: 118,380,491 viewings and
counting) and now there is...
Evolution Of Dance II!

Both by motivational speaker Jud Laipply
are hilarious although personally
I think number 1 is better.

So how did it all come about?" I started working
on becoming a speaker in 2000. I got a great
piece of advice from a mentor: I needed to
come up with something that was unique and
different. Something that no one else did and
could become my calling card to help people
remember my messages and me," he says.

"I milled this over in my head for about 6-9
months when I finally hit the idea of how much
dancing had changed. I quickly wrote down
the first several that came to mind, 12 to
be exact - and listed them out. I still have
that piece of paper to this day. Since
then the dance itself has
evolved and changed."

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