A rescued hedgehog that is four times
the size of normal hedgehogs
has been put
on a diet.

Huff Puff was taken to the Furze Pig Hedgehog
Rescue Centre near Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire,
after she was found shivering under a shed last
October. She was in poor health and
weighed a mere 250 grammes.

Maureen Webb (above), who runs the centre,
said she was fed a normal amount of cat food
but had been
"growing and growing".

Huff Puff tips the scales at 2.04kg (4lb 6oz)
while the average female hedgehog
weighs about 600g (1.3lb).

Mrs Webb said she had now reduced Huff Puff's
food intake.
She said the hedgehog, which
weighs the same as a small cat, was
named after its "stroppy nature".

"If you touch her she literally goes 'huff puff'.
It's quite normal and for hedgehogs it's
a natural defence mechanism. But she
does it to extreme - she does
everything to extremes."

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