A Kent library has been visited almost every
day for two years by its own "puss in
books", the council has said.

Fidel, an eight-year-old black cat, turns up
Deal library almost every day
while his owners are at work.

He spends the day on his favourite blue
chair and leaves when he sees
his owners arriving home.

Staff say they have never tried to encourage
Fidel with food and used to put him
outside when he first began to visit
but he always came back.

Heather Hilton, district manager for the
Library, said: "Fidel certainly seems to
like coming here and he's very
popular with our customers."

"I think he's a bit of an art critic too because
we sometimes see him examining the
pictures on the gallery wall," she added.

A spokeswoman for Kent County Council which
runs the library said Fidel was such a "dedicated
customer" that he sometimes arrives
before staff and can be found
waiting at the front door.

Fidel is a rescue cat, whose owners chose
him from a local sanctuary after he
was found abandoned in a flat in Deal.

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