Remember the pony riding
Jack Russell Freddie ?

Well now the seven-year-old has taught fellow
Jack Russell Percy, who is one, to ride on the
back of a horse around fields on the
back of Shetland Pony Daisy.

Owner Patricia Swinley, 73, who runs a farm
in Flaxley, Glos, said: "Freddie was riding
Daisy one day when my friend Sally's Jack
Russell Percy jumped up there too".

"It seems Percy was really keen to imitate his older
friend. They tend to squabble when they're riding
together, so now we let them take it in turns.
Freddie is getting quite old now and can't leap
up there anymore, so we lift him on. Then Percy
has his go. He's very eager and jumps around
all over the place in excitement. But luckily
Daisy is used to it and doesn't mind."

Freddie and Percy also appear happy to ride
in a little cart as Daisy, who is just 37 inches
(94 cm) tall, pulls them around
the country lanes.

Patricia added: "Freddie became famous for
riding Daisy and local schoolchildren still
pop by the farm in the hope of seeing him.
But now it seems Percy has become
his very keen understudy."

Percy's owner, friend and neighbour Sally Jones, 39,
who keeps pedigree cattle said: "They both love
going in the cart. We call it 'Driving Miss Daisy!'
We get a lot of cars looking at us, a pony with
a trap and two dogs inside. We wouldn't do
it if they didn't like it, but they
all do, terriers and pony."

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