My friend Tommi from Finland flew over on
Saturday and yesterday we hopped on a train
to Lower Upnor in Kent to go to my friends
Heidi and Malcolm's barbecue.

All of sorts of merriment ensued with the aid
of dubious quantities of alcoholic beverages
and the volume button was completely lost
before the sun had even had a change to set.

(Please click on the images
to view larger versions.)

Above from the left: Caroline, Tommi,
Dawn, Gary, Malcolm.

Above from left: Dawn, Gary,
Heidi, Caroline, Tommi.

Later in the evening it was time for their dog
Hurli's walk (below) so me, Heidi and
Tommi went up the hill to the
woods behind their house.

We also popped down to the riverfront (below)
which is just a few yards from their house.

Our wonderful hosts Heidi
and Malcolm (above).

H and M had made us a Tiramisu cake for afters
(straight out of a box!) (above and below).
Dawn was "mother".

Something was obviously very funny!
Heidi and Caroline in action (below).

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