Superhero films are ten a penny now – most
recently we had Watchmen, a tale of a
group of masked vigilantes
taking on crooks.

Well, it might come as a surprise but
some caped crusaders are real.

Although not blessed with real superpowers,
these members of the Allegiance of Heroes
who communicate on internet forums –
have their hearts in the right place.

Master Legend, (below on the left) from Florida,
says he can see demons and sprits, used
voodoo powers to fight evil and
had a witch for a mother.

The 42-year-old divides his time between distributing
food and medical supplies to the homeless –
and confronting child molesters, crack addicts,
rapists and murderers. "I know where to find
to look – the dangerous places where most
people would never really want to go,"
the masked man added.

His comrades in the US include The Ace,
Symbiote and the creatively-named superhero,
er, Superhero (above with Master
Legend from the left).

But before you scoff, note one man who has a
place in the pantheon of greats.
New Orleans'
Nostrum claims to be 100 years
old and in his prime.

In fact, heroes abound all over the world.
Italy's crime-fighting detective Entomo
patrols the streets of Naples, while Hong
Kong's Red Arrow keeps the peace
in his country.

Entomo said: "Hear my buzz, fear
my bite: I inject justice."

In these troubled times, the world indeed needs
heroes - people to inspire, to lead and to fight
injustice. Fortunately, there’s a list
of these people on the internet.

The World Superhero Registry is a helpful guide
to the superheoes who patrol the streets -
ordinary people who have decided to take
a stand by dressing up in a costume and
giving themselves a cool name.

The costumed vigilantes range from Foxfire
(currently keeping Michigan safe) and Insignis
(Salt Lake City, Utah) to the less impressive
but probably more helpful Polar Man (who
shovels snow off people’s steps in Canada.)

The website also includes helpful advice on
how to register your crime-fighting persona
without giving away your real identity
(‘When addressing the envelope, do not
write the address by hand. Do not
include a return address.’)

Currently, the UK has a couple of superheroes listed
as protecting the country from supervillains -
Batman & Robin, who work in Whitley, and Red
, who’s on secondment from Hong
Kong. Regrettably, Britain’s other heroes -
Black Arrow and Angle-Grinder Man -
appear to have retired. This may,
potentially, leave us vulnerable
to supervillains.

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