"In the past, people thought birds were stupid, "
laments the aptly named scientist
Christopher Bird.

But in fact, some of our feathered friends
are far cleverer than we might think.

And one group in particular - the corvids -
has astonished scientists with extraordinary
feats of memory, an ability to employ complex
social reasoning and, perhaps most
strikingly, a remarkable aptitude for
crafting and using tools.

Mr Bird, who is based at the department of
zoology at Cambridge University , says:
"I would rate corvids as being as intelligent
as primates in many ways."

The corvids - a group that includes crows,
ravens, rooks, jackdaws, jays and
magpies - contain some of the most
social species of birds.

And some of their intelligence is played out
against the backdrop of living with others,
where being intelligent enough to recognize
individuals, to form alliances and
foster relationships is key.

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