Aah! What a nice story!

An orphaned baby eagle owl has been adopted
by a springer spaniel. Bramble found a new
mum in Sophie when she went to live at
a bird of prey rescue centre.

The unlikely pair have become inseparable
and Sophie even gives Bramble a
daily wash by licking her.

Bramble likes the attention so much she
now insists on flying to Sophie
to be spruced up.

Sharon Bindon, 43, who runs the centre at Liskeard,
Cornwall, said: "When Bramble arrived she had no
feathers and had to be kept in the house. On her
first day Sophie cleaned her as they sat on the
settee. Every day since Bramble has had to be
let out of her cage to be washed. She has
the cleanest beak and feathers
in the country."

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