The most commonly misspelt word in English is
'definitely' with many incorrectly
writing it as 'definately'.

More than 30% of those polled blamed text
messaging for the mistakes while 42%
think poor spellers are "thick".

OnePoll.com, which polled 5,000 people, said:
"Technology is contributing to
our inability to spell."

The Top Ten most commonly
misspelt words were:

1 Definitely (Definately);
2 Sacrilegious (Sacreligious);
3 Indict (Indite);
4 Manoeuvre (Maneouvre);
5 Bureaucracy ( Beaurocracy);
6 Broccoli (Brocolli);
7 Phlegm (Phleghm);
8 Prejudice ( Predjudice);
9 Consensus (Conscensus);
10 Unnecessary (Unecessary).

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