One of my favourite comedians, Michael McIntyre,
has a new series on BBC1 called
Comedy Roadshow.

Although only on compere duties he manages
to fill the gaps between the acts with his own
witty observations about everyday life.
So simple yet very funny.

The first episode was filmed in Edinburgh.
He started the show with a little detection
how the Scots are "tremendously patriotic"
and take things that aren't Scottish
and make them Scottish.

"For example eggs. Put a bit of breadcrumbs on it.
That's a
Scotch egg. Tape? Put some tartan
packaging on it. That's
Scotch tape!"

He carried on: "Play some hopscotch, dip them
(the eggs!) in
butterscotch. Read The Scotsman,
have a glass of scotch, get on the
Flying Scotsman,
head down to London. Chat up a
Scottish widow on
the train, break into the Royal Bank Of Scotland
and after an investigation from Scotland
Yard ... get off
scot-free !"

And all of that done in a mock Scottish
accent of course. Brilliant!

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