The latest addition to my ever expanding
Muumin mug collection is
a Hattifatteners one.

It was bought for me by Tommi, THANK YOU!
I said last year that I was going to stop collecting
the mugs as I'm simply running out of space
(I now have 21!) but when I saw this new one at
Helsinki airport in March I had to have it!

According to the official Moomin site the HattiFatteners
"cannot be seen one by one. They are wandering
group-beings who care about nothing else but
reaching the horizon. They can neither speak
or hear, but can see extremely well. They are
decent enough in their way, but during
thunderstorms they turn electric
and should be avoided."

I also got Moomin presents from Tommi's mum
Tuula. She knows my tastes so well! She
sent me a couple of cute towels.

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