Ah, what a nice story! And a reminder
that microchipping your pets works.

A dog which disappeared from its home in Cornwall
four months ago has been found over 550
miles (880 km) away in Scotland.

The 17-year-old collie called Lucy vanished
from Sonya and William Mckerron's
house in
Redruth on February 6.

They spent months looking for her and had
given up all hope until they received a
call from an animal rescue
centre in Edinburgh.

Lucy was found in a garden in East Lothian and the
homeowners took her in to be scanned for a
Sonya drove to Scotland to be
reunited with her pet at the Edinburgh
Dog and Cat Home last Saturday.

"It feels overwhelming to see her as we didn't think
we would ever find her. I was in the house and
I went to the toilet and when I came out she was
gone from the drive. We hunted high and low,
phoned everybody including rescue centres
and because she is chipped we thought
we would find her," Sonya said.

Dave Ewing, the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home
manager, said he suspected Lucy had been taken
by someone rather than having just become lost.

"I am confident Lucy was taken by someone
either because they thought she was genuinely
lost and they were doing her a favour or they
knew they shouldn't have taken her."

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