Amazingly enough it's not raining. It's the
first week of Wimbledon, it should
be bucketing down!

With the weather set fair for the first week in Strawberry
Fields, bookies William Hill have slashed the odds
on the new Centre Court roof becoming the next
great white elephant of sport.

They quote 6-1 (down from 10-1) that the roof is
not used at all in the Championships' fortnight.

If bad light intervenes and a match is played
to its conclusion, it's only 7-1 that a
match finishes after midnight.

Should it rain it will take about seven
minutes for the roof to close and 30
minutes before play can resume.

The roof is made of a lightweight material called
Tenara which is stretched over the court's opening
by 10 trusses and is 16m above the court surface.
The decision to close it is made by
tournament referee Andrew Jarrett.

If you were to fill Centre Court with tennis balls
while the roof is closed you would
need 290 million.

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