The 17th century royal game which gave Pall Mall
in London its name was played on the street
for the first time in 400 years.

Visitors were given the chance to take part in
Paille Maille in the shadow of Buckingham Palace.
The game was enjoyed by King Charles II at the
spot when central London was still green fields.

The once Royal and upper class sporting pastime
originated from the Italian pallamaglio, which
literally means "ball-mallet" and was played
in the areas we now refer to as Pall Mall and
The Mall in St James's Park.

The one-day recreation of Paille Maille was a part
of a series celebrating the past, present and
future of London during a month long

"Story of London" festival.

Paille Maille has passed through years and years of
adaptations, including one version involving
a lacrosse-style stick and a large round hoop
placed at the far end of the Mall.

A later, rather more sedate, version of Paille Maille
involved equipment similar in style to that
of which we now know as croquet or golf.

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