This little bit of news was in
TheLondonPaper today.

Well, what I'd like to know is are the people who make
Targeting Benefit Thieves adverts for the
government going to be found guilty of racial
discrimination because all of the actors
playing the thieves are white?

Of course not.

If you're going to do this racial bollocks then do it
across the board. Let's have some black and Asian
benefit thieves as well! Why not? Even it out a bit.
Maybe a person in a burkha?

But oh no...we can't do that because you can't possibly
have a black or any other "minority" thief,
I mean that's just stereotyping.

But making them all white? That's alright!

Enough already. Use black, Asian etc actors in
adverts with negative associations as well as
or "normal" ones or stop whining.

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