Today was Trooping The Colour in honour
of the Queen's Official Birthday.

In danger of stealing the whole show was an
absolutely gorgeous Irish Wolfhound
called Clonmel, who's the regimental
mascot of the Irish Guards.

A soldier from Portadown, Lance Corporal Samuel
Vennard, 23, was leading the 1st Battalion.
He joined the Army in 2002 and is the handler
of the three year old hound. The dog has been
with the battalion just over a year.

The pair were be at the head of the parade
marching in front of the band.

"I’m looking forward to it. It’s a real honour to
be at the head of the battalion and it’s not
something that happens too often in the
career of a soldier so it’s something to
remember for the rest of my life,”
Samuel said the day before.

"When he’s on parade he’s calm but once he
gets his combat jacket on and is on camp he
likes to roll around and play about. This is
his first Queens birthday so hopefully
everything goes alright and he doesn't
lie down or look about," he
said of the gentle giant.

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