A breathtaking picture of the exact moment when
a bubble burts has been captured with
a slow-motion camera.

The photograph, taken by Richard Heeks of Exeter, shows
a soap bubble with one half still perfectly formed
while the other shatters in a distinctive
pattern of streaks.

"There's something so satisfying about picturing
something in your head and then finally
seeing it on the camera," he said.

"It would be great to record the sound of a bubble popping,
slow it down and play it over slow-motion footage
of a bubble bursting. The ripping action reminds
me of a storm front passing across land.
It must be like a wave."

His wife Sarah provided the finger to burst the bubbles
as Mr Heeks used a 1/500th of a second shutter speed
on a day when weather conditions were "absolutely
"There was absolutely no wind, the
bubbles just hung in the air," he sad.

Mr Heeks says that the photographs are genuine
and not something he had created with
the help of computer technology.

"This is a real photo of bubble bursting. I've
made slight edits to raise colour and light, but
this is just to add some punch. This is not
a Photoshop creation," he said.

He took a series of pictures showing Mrs Heeks' finger
as it first makes contact and the progress of
the 'burst' as it engulfs the bubble.

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