Check out these amazing photos by Robert
Buelteman from Montara, California.

He photographs plants while sending electricity through
them. The result shows roses, petunias and even
cannabis in astonishing detail.

It has taken the award-winning 55-year-old 10 years to
produce just 80 photos. Working in complete darkness,
he begins by placing his chosen plant onto a metal
board which he then passes the electrical surge
through. He can even pinpoint areas where he
wants to focus the charge using a wand
and a simple car battery.

As his subject lights up with the current, and emits
radiation invisible to the naked eye, intuitive
Buelteman captured the moments by passing a
fibre optic cable back-and-forth over the plant.

The cable emits a beam of white light that is just
the size of a human hair and whatever the
miniscule torch-beam touches, transfers
the image onto film.

The blue haze that surrounds every leaf, petal and stalk
is actually gases ionising around them as the
plant is electronically shocked.

Buelteman has written about the project
and the techniques he uses in his
book Signs of Life.

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