With this (goggles when using blu-tack and no egg boxes
in case of salmonella), this (no swimming goggles)
and this (no doormats) on the news last week
got me thinking that I sure was
born at the right time.

Like all my peers born in the late 60's and
early 70's I got to have a proper childhood.

But it's somewhat a miracle that we are still alive
if you believe the current bureaucrats!

Child safe medicine bottles or cupboard doors or bike helmets
simply didn't exist. We fell out of trees and drank out of
garden hoses and crashed home made go-karts into
rasberry bushes and did it do us any harm?

Well, in some cases the answer is probably yes and that
explains a lot of things but this completely over the
top absolutely ridiculous health and safety
business is starting to be beyond a joke.

We got to run around to our hearts content and in a way we
had to: we didn't have Xboxes or hundreds of TV
channels or Facebook to keep us entertained.
We went out and made real life friends.

A simple cardboard box provided hours of entertainment
as did jumping from roofs into piles of ploughed
snow (in Finland). In the summer we went
swimming (I for one lived in the lake!),
played hide and seek and every
single ball game known to man.

In the winter we skated and ski'd till we couldn't feel
our fingers, toes and ears anymore. No-one told us
off, as long as we were out of the hair of our
parents everyone was happy.

Nobody even knew where we were - mobiles didn't exist!
There was no talk of pedophiles, we walked or cycled
for miles to school. We had fights and bruises. We
broke arms and legs and teeth but nobody sued
anyone, it was just stuff that happened. If you
were lucky you got a slap from your
dad for being so stupid!

It is truly a sad state of affairs when kids can't use or
touch even the simplest of things like egg
boxes in case they catch salmonella!
As if that would ever happen!

These rules don't obviously happen by themselves.
Just makes you think what must that person(s)
who makes this stuff up be like?

And for heaven's sake what must this
generation of mollycoddled kids
be like when they grow up?!

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