I'm going to take my annual summer break
from the blog and fly off to Finland
for a couple of weeks.

The rain has been playing havoc with my fibro
- the last two nights have been absolute agony
so sitting here at the PC is out of the question.

First I'm going to see my Gran in Imatra, then me and
my counsins daughter Julia are going to my family's
summer cottage in Puumala for a couple of nights.

At the weekend we'll go to stay at my friend
Sanna's cottage on an island in the biggest
lake in Finland, Saimaa (below).

I intend to do bugger all apart from sit and enjoy
the silence. After the crap we've had with the
neighbours over the last months
it's going to be heaven!

I'll spend the beginning of the second week at
the family cottage with my mum and relatives
and for the remainder of the holiday I'll go
to stay with my friend Satu in Helsinki.

I was there in March but the trip was ruined by
a horrid stomach bug so I thought I'll take
this opportunity to be a "tourist" and
have a good look around.

I'll be back at the end of August
so doodlepip till then!

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