It turns out Westminster is the noisiest area
in the UK (hardly surprising!).

We've had our own noise problem for almost year and last
weekend it finally got too much (another ten hour
party) so this week has been spent sorting out
the louts living down the road from us.

They're not literally next door, we share a fence with them
but with their anti-social behaviour (too long to list, use
your imagination) and loud music they've rendered
the use of our garden useless. A family living wall
to wall with them had enough at the same
time so we both contacted the council
and it's being sorted.

The whole affair has stressed me out no end,
it's made me even more unwell... as if
BPPV weren't making ill me enough!

I've had a horrible migraine all week (partly because
of the heat as well I'm sure but still), I'm
angry, jumpy and stressed out.

People who blast their stereos whether it be in their
gardens or houses with windows open, car
stereos etc. do not consider the impact
they have on other people.

As soon as you turn that volume button up you're affecting
somebody. Nobody wants to listen to the music you listen
to! Best way to describe it is imagine the thing you like
least in the whole world and then someone you don't
know doing it to you all the time, without
any warning, any time of the day.

Why do you have to share it with the rest of the world?
Blast your music by any means but use some headphones
for crying out loud! And trust me, there isn't some
magical noise filter at the edge of your window or
around your garden which sucks in the noise!

Most people are just ignorant (especially the me-me-me
generation of current 20 somethings) and will turn it
down/off when told about it but it shouldn't even get
to the stage where it's making someone ill.

I'm now so anxious that I haven't even bothered to go to the
garden for the last week as I'm just waiting for the
thump thump thump to start again. It's like
being hit on the head with a hammer!

You're just constantly listening to which way is it going
to come from next? Most of the time I'm sandwiched
between our immediate neighbours kids stereo (they
used to play it in the garden, when asked stopped but
now blast it out of their bedroom windows facing
the garden...so no difference) and a stereo/TV
from the other side but although both are
daily occurrences they don't go
for hours on end.

It's very annoying and I wish I could tell
them to shut the hell up but got
to keep on good terms...

The thing that annoys me the most that I
would never even dream of doing
something that affects other people,
especially neighbours.

If I listen to music I do it with headphones. I keep my telly
volume down. I try to mow the lawn when there's least people
at home. If we burn rubbish in the garden we try to
do it on a rainy/drizzly/cold day so that no-one
will have their washing out or windows open.

I mean I feel quilty about even having a barbecue because
of the smoke and try to do it on a non windy day so
that it doesn't drift into peoples homes.

And then all you get in return are people being selfish all
around...it just makes you think well sod it, why should
we care and be considerate? But then I don't
want to sink to that level so I just keep on
being the good citizen. You don't get
rewarded for it but there you go...

It's not the first time we've suffered from noisy neighbours
here either, back in 2006 I wrote
this about the house
which is now occupied by the latest twats.

Before I moved to this address I lived on the adjoining
street for 5 years and suffered amateur builders
(woman who owned the flat above employed her
idiot no skills whatsoever brother-in-law) noise
and mess on a daily basis for almost 4 years.

And back in the early 90's in Brighton I went through
the same unpleasantness with a noisy B&B next door.
Luckily Brighton Council closed them down after
a lengthy process and I don't believe I
was the only one to complain!

So hopefully the latest instalment in the sorry
saga of "isn't it great to live in one the biggest
metropoles in the world!" has
come to an end. For now.

Me pessimistic ? Naah! What
ever gave you that idea?

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