This may look like a model with tiny toy figures on a
scaled-down bridge, but it is actually a photograph
of real people crossing the real Millennium Bridge,
taken using a tilt-shift lens.

Toby Allen, 35, uses a technique called 'tilt and shift' to
capture the images. Aptly named "Little London"
these endearing shots include one of the UK's big
freeze in February, taken from
his bedroom window.

Tilt-shift lenses were originally used by architects to
get perspective on huge buildings. Now Toby
uses them to scale down icons and
events in his city.

For his 'Little London' project, he aims to shoot all of
London's major places and scale them down in
time for an exhibition to coincide with
the 2012 Olympic Games.

He explains: "By blurring two sections of the photograph
the image basically tricks the human eye into thinking
it's looking at something very small like a model.
You have to get the angle right as well, looking
down on your subject from about 45 degrees."

If you fancy having a go,
how to do it.

EDIT 9.7.09: The tilt shift fewer is catching,
here are some images that readers of the
Daily Telegraph have created.

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