A cat which disappeared from its home in
Cornwall turned up safe and well - on
the set of Question Time.

Tango the ginger tom crept into Treviglas Community
College's hall in Newquay where the BBC1's
political discussion programme was
being filmed last week.

He padded out from under a table where David Dimbleby
was chairing talks with a panel of guests. Owner
Jackie Ellery heard of his surprise appearance
when a friend rang to say she had spotted him.

But she was not the only person to notice the furtive
feline - panel guest Julia Goldsworthy, Lib Dem
MP for Falmouth and Camborne, had also clocked
him, as had many of the studio audience who
erupted into laughter at his nonchalant air.

However, although his owner had been watching
the programme in her living room,
she missed his TV debut.

"I was watching Question Time but I didn't notice
him," said Mrs Ellery, who works at the college
as a dinner lady and lives next door to it.

"Then my friend rang up and said: 'Your cat's just been
on the telly'. I told her not to be ridiculous but I had
Sky Plus so I rewound it and there he was -
just sauntering across."

"It didn't surprise me in a way because he's in the
school all the time and always wandering about.
He's always been into mischief and we live right next
to the school so this is his playground - all the kids
love him. It didn't faze him when he walked through
with all those people. He actually got taken out
five times but he still managed
to get on the show."

Although his TV debut may have been fleeting,
it seems that Tango's screen appearance will
go down as one of the more memorable
events to happen on the show.

Gill Penlington, Question Time's editor, said:
"Tango is certainly the most unusual guest we've
had in Question Time's history."

PS: for non UK readers: "been tangoed" comes from
a soft drink TV advert in the mid 90's.

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