WEEDS 0 - ME 1

In case you were wondering, and I'm sure you were
not, the reason there were no posts in here last
week is that I spent the whole week sorting
out the front and back gardens.

And by sorting I mean launching a full attack on the
bloody bindweed! Oh that stuff drives me insane!
How on earth does it grow so quickly when
everything else strugglers?!

Given the fact that I can only work maybe an hour and
bit at a time before collapsing with exhaustion
I'm surprised I managed to do it so quickly.
The photo above is from this morning.

The mistake I made was not doing the weeding/lawn for
about two weeks before I went on holiday and I was
away for two weeks...so that's a month during which
the Convolvulus had a free reign out there!

All sorted out now, just need to burn some rubbish when
the weather is a bit more suitable i.e the whole
neighbourhood haven't got their washing out and
windows open. I'm sure there will be many a
miserable October afternoon with drizzle
when I can light up the bonfire!

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