The never ending (or so it feels!)
ears saga continues.

I had the Vestibular Balance Test today at
St Georges Hopspital in Tooting and I'm due
back next Friday for a consultation with the
audiologist I saw in April. I've also finally
managed to get appointment for
physiotherapy in October.

I had various tests. The calibration test evaluates rapid
eye movements. The tracking test evaluates movement
of the eyes as they follow visual target. The positional
test measures dizziness associated with positions
of the head. The caloric test measures responses
to warm and cold water circulated through a
small, soft tube in the ear canal.

I was strapped into a rotational chair (above) that looks
like something out of a NASA test centre! The purpose
of the
chair testing is to determine whether dizziness
is due to a disorder of inner ear or brain. There are
three parts to the test: the chair test, the optokinetic
test and the fixation test. The rotational chair
tests for dizziness by recording eye movement
(nystagmus) while the chair is moved
in various ways and the subject
looks at different lights.

The caloric test (above) is the weirdest of all. You lie down
on a sort of dentist chair and hot water is flushed
into yours ears one at a time for 30 seconds
and after that you have to stare straight on in
the dark for another 30 seconds. Then the
test is repeated with cold water.

The two audiologists I saw today were friendly and
funny so the whole experience was quite pleasant.
I'm just waiting for this weird pressure from the
water in my ears to fade and my hearing
to come back 100%!

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