Check out this hilarious video of
Jeremy Clarkson in action.

Did you know that, in addition to being a
motormouthed TV host in regrettable denim,
he's also a highly-skilled beatboxer?

You probably didn’t know that, because he isn't. However
it hasn't stopped a man by the name of
swede mason
creating an impressive 3-minute
beatbox epic
stitched together from the various noises
Clarkson makes on the show.

The video, which also acts as a useful compendium of
the faces Clarkson pulls when driving, is a symphony
of beats, screams, yelps, explosion noises and
the repeated use of the phrase "powerslide".

The beatbox master from New Cross in
London has also made a clip of
"Phillip Schofield On Crack."

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