How many felines is too many?

Web humor site Urlesque have declared today
Sept. 9 2009 "A Day Without Cats Online."

More than 40 blogs and websites have agreed
to say no mas to the mousers, banning cats
from their pages for at least 24 hours.

Urlesque says: Cats rule the internet. Think about
all the funny cat photos and videos that infest your
IM conversations, Facebook walls and e-mail
forwards - our feline overlords have sneakily
solidified themselves as a staple of the
web humor we love so dearly.

But whether you're a bona fide cat lady who
loves it all, or someone who can't stand
the over-population of cats on the interwebs,
we can all agree that cats need a break.
Urlesque hears your cries for help.

Even the worst "offender" of them all
joined in: Cuteoverload.com's Ode
To A Day Without Cats

A Day Without Cats? Can this be?
We must stop this catastrophe!

Search everywhere, from up to down,
And don’t give up until they’re found!

We’ll catacomb the countryside
To find out where our kitties hide.

Until we thwart this plan demonic
We’ll search until we’re catatonic!

We love to hug and chase them so,
Please, Internet, don’t erase them! No!

Oh, heed our plaintive caterwaul,
Or life will be no fun at all.

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