Isn't technology fantastic when it works? And
even better when it goes BANG in the middle
of the night and scares the living
daylights out of you?

I was watching TV late Friday night and all of
a sudden there was a very loud noise and
smell of smoke. I thought the TV
was going to explode!

I jumped up and ripped all of the electricity
cables out of the wall trying to figure out
what the hell just happened?!

After a while, since there were no visible flames (!),
nothing seemed hot or on the verge of melting into a
plastic heap and my face requiring plastic surgery
I decided to plug the TV, video and Freeview
box back on. The telly and video were
fine but the digi box had died.

Yesterday I opened it up to see if it could be saved but
alas it was beyond help. A plastic cap had blown clear
off of some sort of circuit board thingy which had
clearly fried, hence
the burning smell the loud
noise and when it hit the metal cover.

I've been meaning to buy a digi TV recorder for a while
anyway so I thought rather than waste another
£25 on a cheapo Freeview box I'll invest
and get the recorder.

So this morning I went to Argos and got
this little number,
250GB hard disc with 120 hours recording time.
Should be enough space for a few soaps and movies!
It's super easy to install and use, took all of five
minutes to get it up and running. I do like my
veg out sessions in front of the box
so I'm a very happy camper!

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