The Economist's Pocket World
In Figures 2010
is out.

The Daily Telegraph lists 100 of the
most interesting facts
about our globe including: Venezuelans are the beeriest
nation on Earth, consuming an impressive 83 litres
(146 pints) of beer per head annually. Guadeloupe has
the biggest taste for bubbly, with 4.25 bottles
of champagne consumed per head per year.

The Greeks are the biggest smokers, averaging
8.1 cigarettes a day each.

China, predictably enough, produces the most tea –
1,166,000 tonnes – but also drinks the most, at 828,000
tonnes. The United Kingdom comes a disappointing
sixth with 131,000 tonnes consumed a year.

Denmark has the highest proportion of broadband
subscribers at 35.9 per 100 people.

Iceland has the highest quality of life according to
the Human Development Index, scoring 96.8 out of
100. The United Kingdom is joint 21st with
Hong Kong on 94.2.

Qatar has the least safe drivers, with 9,989 injuries
and 33 deaths in road accidents
per 100,000 people.

The largest number of tourists head to la belle
France, at 81,900,000 in 2007.

France is the sleepiest nation on Earth, with its
populace sleeping off their punishing 35-hour
working week for 530 minutes (8 hours
50 minutes) a day.

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