Check out these amazing drawings
by Paul Lung.

Believe it or not these are not photographs -
they were drawn by the 38-year-old graphic
artist from Hong Kong using a single pencil.

Please click on the image to
view a larger version.

Patient Paul spends up to 60 hours sketching the incredibly
detailed pictures. His works include photo-realistic
images of cats with lifelike fur and portraits
of the members of his family.

"Each one will take around 40 to 60 hours. I draw
after work for around three to four hours a day.
Most of them are size A2 and all done using a
0.5mm technical pencil. I like graphite realism
drawing because I can use just one
single pencil to create millions of
different textures", Paul says.

Paul's work is so realistic he finds people
do not believe it is not a photograph. "Unless
people see me draw they do not believe it
can be real so I made a video
of me working".

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