Reality. Oh.

Piles of washing. Letterbox full of bills.
The garden looks like a scene from Tarzan.

Why is it always so hard coming back from
hols? And I don't even have to go
to work in some shitty office
and be doubly pissed off!

Well, it's called Holiday Blues and I sure as
hell aren't the only one going down with
it every time the plane touches
the tarmac back home.

Best way to avoid it ... plan more holidays! I already have
Lisbon and Prague booked and Berlin and Paris
in the pipeline. Then Budabest, Madrid, Rome.
Tokyo...New York....oh....the list is endless!

My bedside table is piled high with well thumbed
guidebooks which send me to all of these
places in my dreams every night.

Just have to learn to cultivate the elusive
Money Tree. Or win the lottery.

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