Check out these amazing shots by Will Cook,
a psychotherapist from Bedford
Hills, New York.

He produces these stunning images by photographing
plumes of smoke from burning Joss Sticks. Will gives
them a gentle tap to make the smoke "dance and
swirl" before taking dozens of pictures per minute.

He uses Photoshop to bring the smoke to life by adding
colour and slightly altering the shapes. Once he identifies
an image in the smoke, he edits parts of the
vapours to accentuate the shape.

He said: "I think people are enchanted by the different
shapes and are amazed that it is just smoke. To
see smoke frozen in time like this is something
people don't often see because it is
normally fluid in movement."

Smoke isn't the only element Will works with.
He uses water droplets to create

these beautiful shots.

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