I am so fecking fed up with this frickin country
and it's crap companies, once again!

When I came back from holiday I paid my credit card off in full on 26.8. It was due 4.9 so plenty of time for the payment to get there. Barclays, the COTU (Cunts Of The Universe), once again, surprise surprise, failed to make
the payment from my account!!!

So I got slapped with a £12 late payment fee by
the credit card company and £6.22 interest!

This is the second or third time
this year alone, I've lost
count how many late payment fees I've had to cough up
to various credit card companies because
of their cock-ups!

And I don't even use the time facility on the on-line
banking page where you can nominate a specific date for
the payment to be made - I always use the "immediately"
option, which, in my book should mean the fucking
bill gets paid there and then! I suppose it is MY fault
for not checking that it has
actually gone through
but you know what, I shouldn't have to!!!

The other company that is driving me barmy at the moment
is good old Royal (read "Crap") Mail. Not only have they've
been on strike on and off most of the summer but for
the last couple of weeks our normal delivery guy
has been on holiday/away and the casual guy just
can't be arsed to bring any mail around. In the last
13 (delivery) days we've had mail on TWO, yes,
T-W-O days!!! And it's been 2-3 letters.
It is beyond a joke.

So first thing this morning I sent a very strongly worded
email to Barclays informing them that if they do not sort
their shitty on-line banking system out I am saying
arrividerci, baby, after 20 years. I know it means
diddly squat to them, one customer here or
there is not going to make any difference to their
billions they've got hoarded away on high
interest offshore accounts.

The main thing is the bosses get their million pound
plus bonuses and the customer can in
fact take a long walk off a short
pier and basically fuck off.

And the second email went to Royal Mail. For chrissake,
I'm going to sue you bastards for stealing/kidnapping
my mail if the deliveries do not get
back to normal and soon!

I can't even imagine how big a pile of our mail there must
be in the Wimbledon sorting office where out post
comes from! Magazines, parcels...bills! It's a good job
you can check most of your bills on-line these days,
otherwise we'd be cream crackered.

Both firms: Sort it out.
Simple as.

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HEAR HEAR!!! Cee U Next Tuesday the lot of them!