You plough girl!

A 13-year-old girl beat (video) 40 experienced
farmers to first place in a ploughing
competition after only
four hours practice.

Elly Deacon used her father’s 140bhp tractor to
impress judges at Redbourn Berry Farm in
Hertfordshire with her straight furrows.

Other contestants, some with more than 50 years
experience, could only watch as she accomplished
her task with relish. She was given three hours to
perfect a 5000 square meter (53,000 sq ft) patch
of land on the six tonne John Deere tractor
pulling a five furrow Dowdeswell plough.

Her father, David Deacon, 48, said he was
amazed by his daughter's achievement
at the plough match.

He said: "It was unbelievable - she beat some
exceptional ploughmen on the day and was rightly
crowned the winner. She did everything right
and the judges thought she did a fantastic job -
the field was perfect for planting crops
when she had finished."

She had first driven the tractor four days
before the
Redbourn and District Agricultural
Competitions Association’s event, and had
an hour’s practice a night.

Elly, who goes on to next year’s national event,
said: “Maybe girls are more interested in
keeping the fields neat and tidy and
are more careful than men.”

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