An intrepid cat called Geoffrey travelled over 300
miles in the luggage compartment of a coach from
his Isle of Wight home to the coast resort
town of Whitby before being found.

The fifteen-month-old bengal has been known to go off
for a night or two but when he disappeared for three
weeks his owners thought they may never see him
again - until he turned up in North Yorkshire.

Cat lovers Cindy and Tim Whitbread could not
believe it when they got a telephone call on Monday
to say their pet was alive and well despite
his ten-hour journey by road.

Nurse Cindy (above with Geoffrey), who has had him
since he was a kitten, said: "Geoffrey cannot even stand
being in the car for two minutes, if he has to go to the
vet he starts wailing when the car starts moving.
I can't believe he's travelled that far.
He must have been beside himself."

The only explanation for Geoffrey's jaunt is that he
must have hopped into the luggage compartment of
one of the many coaches that pull up at nearby
hotels and B&Bs in the tourist destination.

He has then made an hour long journey to get to the
ferry port, travelled for an hour over the English
Channel and then headed up on the slow
coach ride to the Northeast coast.

"We feared the worst because he doesn't even have
a collar – he likes climbing trees and are scared he
might end up choking himself. Thank God
he was chipped."

The 36-year-old picked Geoffrey up from the vet on
Friday along with her husband, Tim, 50, who is
in the RAF. The vet had given Geoffrey an sedative
so his journey home would be a bit more restful.

Geoffrey was found in a field in Whitby a week ago
by 10-year-old Zac Archibald who took the cat
home to his mum Chris, 49, and together they
nursed him back to health.

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