Check out these amazing origami creations
by Sipho Mabona, each made one
one single sheet of paper!

"The time it takes to make each piece differs from
figure to figure," says Sipho. "The quickest would
probably be a Koi carp, but even that takes me
around one hour to fold. On the other hand for
things like the praying mantis it's 20 hours of
solid folding. Prices for a single piece
range anywhere from 300 to 2,500
Swiss francs, or £1,500."

He is the first-ever foreigner to be invited to the
Japan Origami Academic Society (JOAS)
Convention in 2008 and his work graced the
cover of the official magazine. He's mother is
Swiss and his father South African, was
born and raised in Switzerland.

He has been exhibited in galleries in Japan,
Switzerland, Canada, Spain and France and
created an
entire origami room for sports
company Asics during the World Athletics
Championships in Berlin.

PS: The latest issue of National Geographic
has an interesting article

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