An artist recreates stills from some of his favourite
movies using nothing more than brown parcel tape.

At first glance it appears they could have been
made using computer software but these images
are created by layering strips of ordinary tape.

The picture is then illuminated from behind using
a light box to reveal the image. Artist Mark
Khaisman from Philadelphia says using
tape in this way is just another
way of painting.

Mark previously worked on stained-glass windows
before taking up the more unusual medium of parcel
tape. But, despite seeming to be very different
types of art, he said they were both
examples of 'painting with light'.

He uses around three rolls of 100-metre packing
tape and takes up to a week to create each picture.
Different shades are created by building up
the tape - up to ten layers make
the darkest sections.

Mark doesn't sketch out the image first but works
directly onto the light boxes, using photos and film
stills as a reference. He said: "I chose scenes
from my favourite films, I particularly enjoy
Hitchcock's work. I use photographs, I start
by blowing them up to actual size to
get proportions right and then
simply build the image."

His original works, which are about four
feet (1.2 m) in height, sell for
as much as £6,000.

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