This is funny!

The Yoga Dogs calendar features dogs getting into
yoga poses. The tongue-in-cheek calendar was
created by Texan couple Dan and Alejandra
Borris from San Antonio.

Relying on his wife's skills as a former yoga teacher,
Dan gets her to hold and coax the dogs into
certain positions, then he uses Photoshop to
make the dogs assume anatomically
impossible positions.

Creating up to 26 images for his 2009 and now 2010
calendar, the hilarious collection may have some
animal rights activists up in arms, but Dan is
quick to point out that the canine models
were never in distress.

"There is no forcing the animal to do anything.
We will get the dog in a general position but each
dog that I photograph is well looked after."

Recruiting the best and funniest looking dogs
they could find for their calendar, Dan and
Alexandra look for inspiration everywhere.

"Sometimes we see really cool dogs
on the street and we approach
the owners," says Dan.

PS: More bizarre calendars here.
My favourites are the
cheeky RSPCA guys!

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