It's twenty years today since the Berlin wall
came down. It feels like only yesterday I was
watching people on TV crying with joy as
they ran towards the freedom in the West.

Communist East Germany erected the 155-km (96-mile)
concrete barrier in 1961 to encircle West Berlin
and prevent citizens from fleeing into
the capitalist enclave.

At least 136 people are thought to have been
killed at the wall while trying to escape.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who grew up in
East Germany, is leading the celebrations marking
its end. She retraced her steps on the night the
wall fell by crossing what used to be the
Bornholmer Strasse checkpoint, the
first to open 20 years ago.

Ms Merkel was joined by former Soviet leader
Mr Gorbachev and Mr Walesa, the former Polish
trade union leader and later president,
whose movement was the first to challenge
Communist rule successfully in
Eastern Europe.

This interactive map shows where in the
world parts of the wall have ended up in.

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