Yesterday me and KB defied the biggest storm
of the year so far and tubed it up to Earl's
Court for Discover Dogs 2009.

We got tickets from our Bergamasco friends Cindy
and Stuart (thank you!) and it was a
fantastic day out as usual.

Above from the top: Cindy and me (something was
obviously very funny!), Stuart and me, David and
Patricia Rolf with me and me with yet
another furry friend, a Portuguese
Podengo Pequeno called Jess.

We also popped over to see our Finnish Spitz friends
the Rolfe family, who have a new addition to
their 15 strong pack, a six month old
Hunaja (Honey) (below).

They brought her to the show, such a sweet little
thing! Salama (Lightning), their DD veteran,
was ever so protective of her although
she's not his pup. Bless!

Siggi gets wind of some chicken...

We got invited up to Crufts next year as well so
we'll you guys up in Birmingham!

KB has a video from the show in
her blog, check it out

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