Now here's a sentence I never thought I'd
write...David Hasselhoff has been
interviewed a meerkat.

The Baywatch and Knight Rider star is the guest
on a new podcast presented by Aleksandr Orlov,
the Russian billionaire puppet made famous
in advertisments
for price comparison
website, comparethemarket.com.

Aleksandr has over half-a-million fans on Facebook
and over 20,000 Twitter followers, and will
be interviewing celebrities ranging from
Hollywood actors to industry leaders
in his monthly "Meerchat" podcast.

David Hasselhoff said “I’ve heard so much about
Aleksandr - it was an honour to be the first
guest on his chat show. I‘ve always been
pretty big over in Moscow, but he’s
taking it to another level."

The pair discussed fame, beauty secrets (being
hairy), America's Got Talent and the tricky
subject of dealing with female attention.

Offering advice, David Hasselhoff told Aleksandr:
“You must remain aloof, you must remain single
because you are the ultimate meerkat of all time.
You must say your career is more important than
marriage and unfortunately you cannot
share your love only one person."

Aleksandr’s first podcast including the interview
with the Hoff will be available to download
from comparethemeerkat.com
and iTunes today.

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