I S*** YOU

Usually when kids do "comedy" it's, well,
let's face it, crap. Not in this case.

E4's "School Of Comedy" has had me in stitches
every time I've watched it. These 12 to 16 year
olds are genuinely funny and
amazingly talented.

School of Comedy is a unique sketch show in which
the kids have their say, poking fun with an
adolescent depiction of the adult world.

After years of performing comedy at the Edinburgh
Laura Lawson started an after school
club at a West London school with a regular
group of children, honing their talents week
on week and turning them into mini comedy
geniuses. The result is pure
entertainment gold.

There are no inadequate characters, unusually.
My favorites are the rude pub landlady Connie
(top pic above), The White Van Men, (the superb
Will Poulter (on the right middle pic) with Max
Brown) who shout at women from the safety of
their metal box but when faced with an actual
female don't know what to do and The Cabbie
(bottom pic above). "I shit you not!"

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