It's not very often I get so excited about a chocolate,
or anything for that matter, that I travel
miles in search of it but sadly it
was the case this week.

I bought a bag of Delissia Strawberry Nougat
Whips from Poundland of all places (in Tooting),
purely on the basis that they sounded nice.

And boy, did they taste good!
Little whips of heaven.

So back I went the next day and found one more bag.
By now I'm addicted. Tragic, I know. I went back
again but they didn't have any. In my desperation
I hopped on a bus to Wandsworth but the
branch there didn't have any either.

Please tell me these weren't a one of and you're never
going to stock them again? Why is it whenever you
find something you really like whether it be a
shampoo or a lipstick or a chocolate ... they stop
either making it or selling it somewhere
where you go regularly? Hmph!

EDIT 24.11.2009: All is well again- popped into
the relocated Tooting Poundland today and
they still stock the whips. Yay! Doesn't take
a lot to make me happy, eh?! Haha!

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