A dog who picks up litter from a town’s streets
has been officially recognised for his
services to the community.

Sonny, a nine year old springer spaniel, has collected
rubbish since he was a pup before being taught to
dispose of it in recycling bins at his home.

During that time he has recovered hundreds of plastic
bottles, cans, wrappers and other refuse dropped
in Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire.

The local authority has now included him in its
annual environmental awards which
honour volunteers who keep their
neighbourhood clean.

His owners Sharon Smith and her husband Tony
accompanied him at North Lincolnshire council
chamber for the presentation.
Sonny received
a frames certificate bearing his name,
a special rosette, a bag of plastic
toys and dog treats.

Mrs Smith said: “He is such a scavenger and he's
always picking up rubbish in the hope of finding
something edible.
We taught him to put things
in the bin rather than ripping them to pieces
and it started to become a bit
of a game for him.”

The couple were issued with separate bins for recycling
two years ago.
Ms Smith added: “Every time he goes for
a walk he brings back a can, plastic bottle, sandwich
wrapper or other bit of litter and when we get home
we ask him which bin it goes in and he drops it in
the right bin every time - unlike the rest of the
I knew springer spaniels were bright,
but the first time he did it we were
amazed, so I entered him for the
environment awards.”

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