What do cats do when their owners are away?
There was one way to find out - "cat cams."

Fifty American house cats including Leo-Hector (below )
were given collar cameras that took a photo
every 15 minutes. The results put a digital
dent in some human theories
about catnapping.

About 22 percent of the cats' time was spent looking
out of windows, 12 percent was used to interact
with other family pets and 8 percent was spent
climbing on chairs or kitty condos. Just 6
percent of their hours were spent sleeping.

"What surprised me was how active the cats were.
I believed my three cats were sleeping during the
day," said Jill Villarreal, an animal behavior
scientist who collected the data for
Friskies brand of cat food.

The 777 photos studied by Villarreal showed
the cats looking at a television, computer, DVDs
or other media 6 percent of the time and hiding
under tables 6 percent of the time. 5 percent
was playing with toys, eating or looking
at finished food came in at 4 percent.

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